William DeWitt Jr.

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Early life

Investment career

Work under Bush

St. Louis Cardinals owner



Sports teams

  • Texas Rangers: Co-owner (1989-1998)
  • St. Louis Cardinals: Owner (1995-present)

Government positions

  • President's Intelligence Advisory Board: Member (2003-????)


Arbusto Energy involvement

Spectrum 7, an oil company started by DeWitt and his business partner Mercer Reynolds, effectively rescued George W. Bush's failing Arbusto Energy in 1984 by merging with it.

Election rigging

Considered, along with his business partner Mercer Reynolds, to be "Rove's bosses" in Jim March and Jill Simpson's election theft diagram. Reynolds and DeWitt were key financiers of Jeff Averbeck's GOP-aligned technology firm SmarTech, which is identified as a central base of operations in the electronic rigging of elections that is alleged to be supervised by Rove.

Political connections

Republican politics

Corporate connections


External links

  • Virtual Globetrotting page for DeWitt's home in Jupiter Island FL at 707 S Beach Rd: "William O. DeWitt Jr. is the owner and Chairman of the St. Louis Cardinals. In 1979, along with Mercer Reynolds, he founded the investment firm Reynolds, DeWitt & Co. The firm owns Arby's franchises and is an investor in Cincinnati, Ohio based U.S. Playing Card Company. In 1984, one of DeWitt's business ventures, the oil company Spectrum 7, bought George W. Bush's Arbusto Energy, and in turn merged with Harken Energy in 1986. DeWitt also informed Bush that Eddie Chiles wanted to sell the Texas Rangers baseball franchise.He served on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board during the George W. Bush administration, and his wife, Kathy, served on the National Council on the Arts.

    His Father, Bill DeWitt, St. was GM and owner of the St. Louis Browns, who went on to become the Baltimore Orioles. Bill Jr.'s son William O. DeWitt III is the president of the Cardinals."
  • CNBC, "The big money behind the Cardinals, Red Sox", 2013/10/23: "Cardinals principal owner William DeWitt Jr. has spent much of his career in private equity with firms Reynolds DeWitt & Co. and DeWitt Capital Group. He bought the Cardinals in 1996 for a reported $150 million; the team won championships in 2006 and 2011 and the franchise is now worth an estimated $716 million as of March, according to Forbes. [...] Besides the Cardinals, DeWitt and longtime business partner Mercer Reynolds have invested in a variety of businesses through their Cincinnati-based private equity firm. They include Reynolds Plantation, a 10,000-acre golfing community and resort in Greensboro, Ga.; Tech Lighting, a Chicago-based manufacturer of architectural lighting systems; and Provider Synergies, a pharmaceutical services business in Cincinnati. Part of that dual success may be because baseball is the family business. DeWitt’s father, Bill DeWitt Sr., worked for the Cardinals and St. Louis Browns; the team later moved to Baltimore as the Orioles. DeWitt Jr. also made investments in the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles. He sold both stakes before putting together a group of investors to buy the Cardinals (DeWitt Jr.’s son, Bill DeWitt lll, is also president of the team today)."