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  1. Kansas City Pitch, "He's No Angel", 2004/09/16

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Key personnel

  • John Philip Nichols background
    • ...
  • George Wayne Reeder background
  • Jimmy Hughes background
    • La Tribuna (Honduras), "Ministerio cristiano trajo alegría a hijos de soldados de la 110 Brigada", 2009/12/27: "In an act that exalts the high command of the Armed Forces, which did not go unnoticed this beautiful celebration of Christmas, and together with the Christian ministry of the Reverend Jimmy Hughes, they brought joy to the children of the soldiers of the different military units of the zone. In this emotional Christmas meeting was present the General Commander of the Army, General Miguel Ángel Mejía Padgett, the Minister of Defense, Adolfo Lionel Sevilla, the commander of the 110th Infantry Brigade, Colonel Alcides Flores García, and the commanders of the organic units of The brigade. [...] But today is not about deepening the memories, but to thank the ministry of Jimmy Hughes because God has put in his heart, for nine years working for the Armed Forces, so we have always been in coordination with this ministry to share every year in this month that commemorates the birth of the Son of God bringing to our children joy and a message of the word of God, to the family of our soldiers who this year have been covered in glory because God gave them the honor to defend its democracy, the dignity and sovereignty of our country, for which we are proud that today they are here with their wives and their children. [...] The Minister of Defense, Adolfo Lionel Sevilla, recalled that God gives responsibility to every human being, the responsibility to serve and the best service that can be given is serving his people, at this moment we have a general commander of the Army who Not only is he the military guide of our institution, but he has become a moral guide, he has had the support of the Rev. Jimmy Hughes ministry to bring a little happiness and faith to each of the military units and always supported by the Association of Officers of our Army wives of whom as secretary in the Defense Office I am proud because I know the historical work they have done." - both Sevilla and García are said to be connected to the 2009 coup

Biological warfare

Jimmy Hughes case

Philip Arthur Thompson

See the Philip Arthur Thompson page

Finders connection

  • NewsMakingNews articles on Richard Hamlin
  • Richard Hamlin statements
    • Open letter from Hamlin on 2005/04/14 - alleges that Siemer was a high-ranking Finders member and Temple of Set worshipper: "Renowned and well-respected investigative reporter, Virginia McCullough from NewsMakingNews.com has discovered the following: “Individuals who wish to remain unidentified have said that Dr. Sid Siemer is a high ranking member of a CIA sanctioned child molestation ring called "The Finders" and also a senior member of the Order of the Trapezoid, consisting of worshippers of the Temple of Set.” This of course is consistent with Michael Riconosciuto’s testimony that Dr. Siemer worked on illegal biological warfare research for the CIA and US Intelligence groups in Indio in 1982."
    • "Sidney Siemer & Satanic Ritual Abuse Conspiracy": "As part of my investigation, I am looking into the background of Sidney Richard Siemer, D.O.B. 2/2/33. He was a close business associate of George Wayne Reeder. Riconosciuto has named Siemer as being involved in the research and production of biological weapons in Indio in the 1980s. Siemer is a PhD in agriculture/biological chemicals. He was in military intelligence for the army during the Korean war. Relatives stated he was a covert operator with a high security clearance. He has spent a great deal of time in Germany. Reeder, who was head chemist with SKW and Siemer & Associates, did a lot of business with S. F. Siemer. SKW is a German company. Siemer has worked with companies that have worked with military and/or CIA: Abbott Laboratories, FMC, ICI of America, and W.R. Grace in Maryland. With Siemer & Associates he worked with Dupont and Bell. Siemer has lived in Fresno, CA since 1979. He has also lived in Corvallis Oregon, Leavenworth, Washington, and Columbia, Maryland."
    • "THE CASE AGAINST DR. SIDNEY SIEMER" - provides convincing independent corroboration of Siemer being a child molester
    • Hamlin's thoughts on the verdict against him published 2006/01/27
  • El Dorado County Sheriff's Office, "CASE NARRATIVE" for case EG0402413, 2004/02/27 (pages 1, 2, 3)
    • p.3: "Susan also told us she witnessed a young girl being killed in 1982 while Howard Mily was disciplining her (Susan). Susan was "strung up on a pegboard for 3 weeks." She said Howard killed a young girl who had been kidnapped. Susan was kept in cold storage and brought out twice to witness the murder. Susan said Howard and the others broke the young girl's bones and tied her into different shapes. Susan said the girl was alive when the torture started. Susan described the girl as being 9 or 10 years old and having dark hair. Susan didn't know who the girl was but said the torture and murder was filmed."
  • El Dorado County Superior Court, no. P04CRF0132: People of the State of California v. RICHARD WILLIAM HAMLIN
    • Main File, p.102-103: Family court testimony by Susan in which she denies her father had a business in Indio but acknowledges writing a letter about accompanying him to a location in Indio
    • Main File, p.106: Sidney Siemer statement to Ted Gunderson on 2004/12/07, stating that he had worked in Indio for the ostensible purpose of grape ripening, and confirming that he knew and worked with George Wayne Reeder in Indio and had first met him in Bakersfield CA as the research director for a large chemical company
    • Main File, p.107: Glen Siemer statement to Ted Gunderson on 2004/12/07, stating that Siemer had indeed worked in Indio and making reference to it being in a cold storage shed, matching Susan's claim of her abuse in Indio
    • Main File, p.110-111: Michael Riconosciuto statement to Ted Gunderson on 2004/12/23, claiming that Siemer was a known presence on the Cabazon reservation in Indio who worked with Reeder, got introduced to Riconosciuto by Peter Zokosky (husband of Indio mayor Regena Zokosky, owner of Armtech, and an artist), was a technical advisor to the biological warfare project that Riconosciuto worked on, used UC Davis and Stormont Labs in this project, and was associated with a group of people (Howard Miley, Dr. John Philip Nichols, Elizabeth Share, Pat Smith) who were all reportedly sexual abusers
    • Main File, p.117-118: Susan Siemer letter from 1982/06/09 discussing being in Indio with her father
    • Main File, p.146: Defense witness list filed 2004/12/16, which includes the name of Susan Wilson of Oregon (i.e. Susan's childhood friend Suzie W. who witnessed Siemer standing over her in bed)
    • Main File, p.202-205: Richard's opposition on 2004/07/02 to the court's request to deny him the right to represent himself, in which (p.204) he writes "On 6/30/04, Attorney Phil Cozens went to the Sheriff's evidence room and located a written Kindergarden project completed by my son Alec Hamlin. Alec is presently in the 6th grade, so this document pre-dates this controversy by 6 years. The document states; "I WISH MY MOM WOULD STOP LICKING ME" On 2/26/04 Susan Hamlin states; "SHE GAVE FLICKS TO ALEC'S PENIS WITH HER TONGUE""
    • A File, p.1-2: Notes for JURY TRIAL - DAY 34 on 2005/12/29
    • A File, p.25-27: Notes for JURY TRIAL - DAY 23 on 2005/12/07; includes the testimony of Jennifer Hamilton for the defense
    • A File, p.28-30: Notes for JURY TRIAL - DAY 22 on 2005/12/06; refers to witness Jenny Love Hamilton whom the defense is attempting to subpoena
    • A File, p.97-99: Notes for JURY TRIAL - DAY ONE on 2005/10/11
    • A File, p.139-141: Response on 2005/06/21 to the state's motion to exclude testimony of Jennifer Hamilton (i.e. Susan's childhood friend Jenny Love who was molested by Siemer)
    • A File, p.170: Alec Hamlin's kindergarten assignment where he filled in the blank to create the sentence "I wish that my mother would stop licking me"
  • Rigorous Intuition posts
    • Initial thread on the Richard W. Hamlin case - claims a link between Dr. Siemer and Cabazon reservation in Indio CA
      • "Here's another little aside about the finders. I actually emailed Daniel Brandt about them because he'd written an article how they'd tried to horn in on his database program many years ago and were misrepresenting themselves (i.e. spying) to all kinds of groups www.astraeasweb.net/religion/cult.html (have to scroll down a ways to get to the part about Finders.) Well, the rumor is, that reporter JOINED them. I can't prove that, but I did track him down and he writes for an Asian, English language web news service and I think several Finders spent time in Asia and many are probably there. This unsigned post on an indymedia board is interesting, but no proof."
      • "Howard Mily turned out to be a false name. One more concrete lie that Susan told. Sid actually gave up the correct name when mocking Richard to the police!!! Mily is Howard's wife! Howard's name is: Howard LaRue. He may have gone by Howard Mily as pseudo, but I too, could not find anything on him. I think the whole high priestess thing may have been some kind of carrot they dangled in front of her or totally baloney. They could have simply used Satanic imagery and/or programming when keeping Susan in line. Think about it, when your memories come back and you start saying: "I was in a cult ..." Who's gonna believe ya. Not the Placerville police."
      • "No problem on the Finders thing. The Finders is one of many groups that Sid could possibly fit into. Ted G. and Michael R. seemed to think there was a connection there. In terms of cult names all that ever came out from Susan was: "A Satanic cult called: the Royal Bavarians." But if you look up Royal Bavarians you'll get a bunch of Oktoberfest types and of course the Illuminati stuff. As far as Sid's jobs, he worked for (just retired) his own company Siemer & Associates, but before that it's a who's who of controversial companies (at least in terms of those jobs popping up in connection with supposed conspiratal angles. So again, strange. I will try to compile a list. He's an expert on plants and plant DNA. A source said that Sid was actually working on biological weapons in Indio. The other job names came from Susan, other family members, family friends, and Sid himself. He doesn't deny working for any particular place, but Susan denied in court that Sid had worked in Indio, CA where supposedly her worst abuse took place--during the time of the whole Indian Cabazon Wackenhut controversy was going down. See: The Last Cirle and The Octopus. Again, when asked, Sid freely admitted that he had worked in Indio during the 80s. So even between Sid and Susan they can't keep their story straight."
      • "The retired minister doesn't sound like it's him. We did locate Howard LaRue. Gunderson even talked to him. I don't believe much came from that, but he was highly defensive, as were many of the people interviewed."
      • "On the subject of Susan’s retraction – there was an interesting 2002 psych study on child sexual abuse disclosure that concluded “the meaning of a retraction may vary” and that, when retractions are examined and evaluated, they can paradoxically add to the “probative value of earlier statements” (Brian Tully, “The Evaluation of Retractions in Sexual Abuse Cases”, Child Abuse Review, Vol 11: 94 – 102, 2002)"
      • "Susan Hamlin was the first person to mention Indio. That's rock solid. We have it in writing. She said her father took her to Indio, California and torturted her in a cold storage facility. When I looked into Sid and his friend Wayne Reeder, who was supposed to also be there at the time, as well as Howard Mily/LaRue--the Cabazon situation popped up. They were in Indio when the Octopus was going down. That's for sure. Apparently there are two Reeders, very hard to tell, and very hard to pin to Siemer. I contacted Gunderson early on because of his involvement with other cases. Gunderson informed Michael R. of the situation and Michael came forward with a lot of info that just sounds too on target to be completely true. However, how much is false and how much is true is certainly a common thread in all of this. I was already looking into Indio/Cabazon before I contacted Ted, but one of the very strange "coincidences" that happened was finding out that Gunderson was there in Indio, too, during the same time period. I had no idea he was there until after I contacted him! Very strange."
      • "The confession rehearsal theory is total bullshit. You have to keep in mind that Susan had to come up with an excuse for why she said everything she said--once she recanted in total. If you heard her confession about her molestation you would know she told the truth at that time. She wrote letters. She kept diaries. She talked about writing a book. She said prayer mantras. She was prescribed medicine for depression. She also told a church counselor about her sexual abuse from her father--4 years before any of this went down. The prosecution is going for an extortion angle. That's crap. Yeah, he was going to sue Sid. He also posted a flyer in Sid's neighborhood calling Sid a child molester. Once he heard that Sid had raped his wife Richard was not going to let up. He put the pressure on as hard as he could. I would say he was obsessed with Sid--and still is--not the actions of a planned shakedown. If the motive is money--why did Richard supposedly go to Granite Bay to kill Lisa Clum? Why did he vandalize the church? Why would he bring his own children into the molest story and why would Susan admit (even under terror) that she molested her own children? The handwriting expert said Susan letters are not forced but that the recant she gave the police does looked coerced."
    • Discussion about the Finders data dump pondering how much of the Hamlin case was accurate (pages 1, 2)
    • Rachel Begley also discusses the role of Dr. Siemer and the Finders on the Cabazon reservation: "As far as my story being tied... you'd be surprised. Johnny Gosch was a victim of the Finders, a group that had/has ties to the CIA. The finders ran a lot of their operations from the Cabazon reservation. There was human trafficking going on there and others that weren't involved turned a blind eye to those activties because Sid Siemer was there working for Wackenhut on the reservation doing biological weapons."
    • Rachel Begley says she can confirm Siemer's connection to Indio: "I have some detailed info on Siemer, but it's not in a format I can put up on my site just yet (I need to scan it). I have more coming too. Here's something interesting.. Susan at trial said that Siemer never worked in Indio.. but even Siemer himself says he did. Not to mention I can easily get proof of him working at the reservation. Something else interesting.. if you've seen Susans "FIRST" account where she told of the molestation and such, you'll see she talks about witnessing another girl being abused and getting her bones broke on a "peg board". We have reason to believe that warehouse where that took place was also on the reservation."
  • Speak of the Devil, "The Hamlin Case: Satanic Ritual Abuse in Sacramento", 2006/01/04
  • The Skeptic's Dictionary, "The Bizarre Case of Richard and Susan Hamlin", 2006/01/11
  • Sid Siemer career
  • Corporate info on Siemer & Associates Inc. (California state ID C0932366)
  • Employees of Siemer & Associates
    • List of California State University, Fresno alumni - 1981 biological science graduate Russ Parman worked for Siemer & Associates Inc. from June 1987 to February 1991
    • Radaris people search info on George Wayne Reeder - places where Reeder lived include Santa Monica CA, Port Lavaca TX, Houston TX, and Carlsbad CA; confirms that Reeder worked for Siemer & Associates, except it is not Siemer & Associates Inc. but rather Siemer & Associates LLC; also has Reeder working for Stafford King Wiese Architects (might correspond to the claim that he worked at SKW)
  • History of Siemer & Associates
  • Virginia McCullough, "IS PUPPET MASTER MICHAEL RICONOSCIUTO PULLING THE STRINGS IN THE BETTY CLOER MURDER TRIAL?", 2008/02/18 (more info on Siemer's alleged contacts)
    • Anita Langley's claim about what Riconosciuto told her concerning Siemer: "He also told me there were things happening to children that were beyond comprehension and that G. Wackenhut [founder and owner of Wackenhut] and friends were part of it." While it hasn't been confirmed that George Wackenhut himself was involved in child molestation, there have been multiple cases of child molestation by Wackenhut's prison guards, and the company's Belgian operatives are connected to the Dutroux affair through the Gladio network.
    • Anita Langley's claim that Riconosciuto's father testified about Siemer to a grand jury decades prior: "The same year, Paul Morasca was murdered after confronting John P Nichols about the illegal activities going on at the Cabazon reservation. Political prisoner Michael Riconosciuto was present during the confrontation; Dr. Sid Siemer was also present and made direct threats to Paul Morasca. Riconosciuto told Police Chief Sam Cross that Nichols was planning more murders, Nichols was caught attempting to hire contract killers and was sentenced to 5 years in jail as a consequence. At the Morasca grand jury murder investigation, Marshall Riconosciuto testified that Sid Siemer had used extortion tactics to force him to pay service contracts for John Nichols."
    • Virginia McCullouugh's alleged confirmation of Sid Siemer working at UC Davis: "On the other hand, I have confirmed Dr. Siemer's presence at UC Davis in plant and animal technology."
  • Involvement of Dr. Clyde Stormont (who Riconosciuto says was brought to the Cabazon reservation by Siemer)
  • Forum post by albion about UC Davis discusses biowarfare research and connects Siemer to that effort
  • Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, "Pesticide Spray Application, Behavior, And Assessment: Workshop Proceedings", 1973/03/01-02 - attended by both Sid Siemer of Abbott Laboratories in Fresno CA and Robert Stormont at the UC Davis Department of Agricultural Engineering
  • ophion1031 post on 2015/07/06 about William Thoresen III: "A source of mine has told me that the Thoresen's had a pilot who would fly guns to Chile for him. I have also read that Thoresen may have had a handler by the name of Dr. John Philip Nichols. Also worth noting is that Dr. Sid Siemer, also a pilot, knew the Thoresens and Nichols and also flew to Chile quite often. I do not know if any of this is true."

Other curiosities

  • Leuren Moret, "Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover : 5 Admirals, U.C. Regents, Carlyle Group, and Rand", 2004/09: "Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been proposing, funding, and building BioWeapons Level 3 and Level 4 labs at many places around the US – even on university campuses and in densely populated urban locations. In a BioWeapons Level 4 facility a single bacteria or virus is lethal.

    For what purpose are these labs being developed, and who will make the decisions on where BioWeapons created in these facilities will be used and on whom? More than 20 world-class microbiologists have been murdered since 2001, mostly in the US and the UK – nearly all were working on developing ethnic specific BioWeapons.

    Citizens around the US are frantically filing lawsuits to stop these labs on campuses and in communities where they live. Despite the opposition of residents living near UC Davis, where a BioWeapons Level 4 lab was planned with the support of the town Mayor, she suddenly reversed her position after a monkey escaped from a high security primate facility. When residents claimed that if UC Davis could not keep monkeys from escaping from their cages, they certainly could not guarantee that a single virus or bacteria would not escape from a test tube. The escaped monkey killed the project."
  • Unsure if related to the Wackenhut-Cabazon joint venture, but another interesting biowarfare/intelligence connection (with links to apartheid South Africa) is the case of Dr. Larry Ford, a prime suspect in the murder of his business partner James Patrick Riley
  • Jeffrey Alan Lash case - represented by lawyer Harland Braun