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Military-industrial and CIA connections

The connection between VoteHere and the CIA/military-industrial complex seems rather ominous. Why would Admiral Bill Owens (Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Bill Clinton) and Robert Gates (Iran-Contra veteran and former CIA director under George H.W. Bush) end up as executives at this small company? Even stranger is how both Owens and Gates served on the board of SAIC, a military contractor which would evaluate Premier's voting system security for the state of Maryland; SAIC's report mentioned cryptography as part of the solution to Premier's security problems, and VoteHere was selling cryptography solutions to put into vendors' voting machines. This small company, meanwhile, had outsize importance: despite making almost no sales, it received millions of dollars in outside investments, and was the largest industry lobbyist for HAVA (bigger than ES&S or Premier).

My personal theory, though it's obviously hard to verify, is that VoteHere was hijacked by military-intelligence complex interests to push for electronic voting. Owens and Gates might gotten onto the VoteHere boards by striking a deal with Jim Adler: they'd get SAIC to help out VoteHere through their Premier evaluation, and in return, Owens and Gates would get to use the company for HAVA lobbying. VoteHere would essentially act as a shell company for the deep state to funnel lobbying money into making electronic voting a nationwide standard.

To address these issues surrounding VoteHere, it should be determined:

  • When/how Owens and Gates ended up as executives at VoteHere
  • Who was providing the investments to prop up VoteHere, and why?
  • Did Owens and Gates maintain contacts with SAIC executives while they worked at VoteHere?
  • How much influence did they have over the HAVA lobbying?
  • What was the motivation behind the drama surrounding the alleged hack? And why was Bev Harris only questioned about Premier products, not VoteHere's?