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Use by Florida in 2000

The negative votes received by Al Gore in the 2000 Florida election certainly occurred on a Global Election Systems central tabulator. However, it's uncertain whether they were using GEMS or VTS at the time. A couple hints exist that they were using VTS: a 2001 GES email discusses the ongoing certification of GEMS and how VTS has already been certified in Florida for nearly 10 years, and GES emails discussing the negative votes somewhat ambiguously imply that the problem occurred on VTS, not GEMS. It would be good to verify which system was in use.

Legitimacy of fractional vote counts

Global Election Systems allegedly implemented weighted voting to support a Proposition 218 election held by Sacramento in 2001. At first, it was suspected that this election never took place, since Sacramento's elections department never used GEMS. However, it ultimately turned out (after talking with the Assistant Registrar of Voters) that the election was conducted, by a different county department. Global Election Systems was hired as a contractor at a cost of $300,000. That said, there are still unanswered questions:

  • Which county department was responsible for the Prop 218 election? The Assistant RoV suggested the Public Works department (now the Municipal Services Agency), while a city government office suggested the County Department of Transportation, Operations and Maintenance.
  • Did the weighted ballots use fractional vote counts at all? Bev Harris said that California law required whole numbers, but this hasn't been independently confirmed.
  • How did Global Election Systems get the contract, and was it really worth $300,000 to hire them? Interestingly, it seems that many voters were dissatisfied with how Global conducted the election.
  • Even if the fractional counts were legitimate, why were they enabled in every election, whether or not they were used?
  • Why did Global mention weighted races in an earlier version of their GEMS manual, then remove it but leave the fractional counts in?
  • Is it a coincidence or meaningful that the plan to add fractional counts coincides with Diebold's letter of intent to acquire Global?