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Ownership of Premier

See the question on the ES&S page: if Dominion acquired Premier from ES&S, why is ES&S the one advertising Premier's products while Dominion doesn't even act like they own them?

John Poulos's identity

Dominion is somewhat of a mystery company that only recently got involved with the elections industry. They obtained Premier (after ES&S's acquisition was blocked by the DOJ) and Sequoia in 2010. What Dominion did before 2010, and how it was able to acquire these two major US election companies, has never been determined. What was its business in the elections industry before 2010? There have been mentions of some local Canadian elections it was involved with.

Given John Poulos's claimed interest in spreading democracy throughout the world, particularly to post-conflict areas like countries in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, it's possible that there are military-intelligence connections to Dominion. "Democracy building" has often been used as a justification by unsavory groups like USAID to conduct covert CIA operations and election meddling. Poulos's desire to put riggable electronic machines in developing democracies through the (Clinton Foundation-backed) DELIAN Project might be in that same vein.

Dominion essentially seemed to come from nowhere after the DOJ decision blocking ES&S's purchase. Given the role of Democratic bigwig Chuck Schumer in having the DOJ evaluate the Premier acquisition, it's possible that Schumer intended for the balance of electoral power to shift to Dominion. That might imply he believed there were Democratic connections to the company, a departure from the usual trend of voting machine companies being controlled by Republicans. Since the trend of Republicans being favored by election fraud hasn't stopped, it's likely that Schumer was either unsuccessful in his aims or had different aims.

Perhaps Democrats were trying to break the dominance of Republican control over elections, but it was simply shifted to a different firm with deep state connections. Or they were intending for exactly that to happen.