KSU Center for Election Systems

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Origin and formation

Black Box Voting controversy

2017 lawsuit






  • Executive director: Merle King
  • ...
  • Dr. Brit Williams
  • ...


2002 GA election

Main article: 2002 Georgia general election

Political connections

  • The Center openly states they work closely with state and local election offices as well as the vendor (Premier)
  • Since November 2016, the president of KSU has been Sam Olens, a former Republican attorney general and Cobb County commissioner; Olens is a known political associate of Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp


  1. Politico, "Will the Georgia Special Election Get Hacked?", 2017/06/14: "After Lamb discovered the initial problems last August, he notified Merle King, executive director at the center, who thanked Lamb and said he would get the server fixed. It was months before the presidential election, and King pressed Lamb not to talk about the issue with anyone, especially the media. “He said, It would be best if you were to drop this now,” Lamb recalls. King also said that if Lamb did talk, “the people downtown, the politicians … would crush” Lamb."
  2. Associated Press, "APNewsBreak: Georgia election server wiped after suit filed", 2017/10/26 - the Center's server was wiped following a 2017 lawsuit challenging Georgia's use of paperless touchscreens
  3. Ars Technica, "Days after activists sued, Georgia’s election server was wiped clean", 2017/10/26 - two backups were also degaussed three times in August
  4. Associated Press, "Georgia attorney general quits defense in server wiping case", 2017/11/01 - the Georgia attorney general withdrew from representing SoS Brian Kemp soon after the news of the server wipe
  5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Former governor’s firm to represent Georgia in voting machine case", 2017/11/01 - law firm of Roy Barnes, whose defeat in 2002 was likely due to Diebold touchscreens, stepped in to defend Kemp
  6. Associated Press, "Server image mystery in Georgia election security case", 2019/07/03: "Nearly two years ago, state lawyers in a closely watched election integrity lawsuit told the judge they intended to subpoena the FBI for the forensic image, or digital snapshot, the agency made of a crucial server before state election officials quietly wiped it clean. Election watchdogs want to examine the data to see if there might have been tampering, given that the server was left exposed by a gaping security hole for more than half a year. A new email obtained by The Associated Press says state officials never did issue the subpoena, even though the judge had ordered that evidence be preserved, including from the FBI."
  7. Associated Press, "Georgia election officials accused of destroying evidence", 2019/07/26

External links

  • KSU website's history of the Center
  • DU thread asking why Dr. Brit Williams went from a prestigious position as head of the Computer Technology and Applications Divison at Georgia Tech to a job at the small school of KSU - mentions Newt Gingrich's connection to KSU; discusses Williams's work at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) which Arnebeck claims is involved in election fraud; links Roy G. Saltman report that mentions Williams's role in reviewing a troublesome 1986 Georgia election
  • Jim March on corrupt election offices - "I could give you, personally, at least six other similar examples [of unpunished election fraud]. Memphis TN's election office is a criminal organization. Pima and Maricopa in AZ are shady as hell. San Diego and Los Angeles counties in Cali are nutsos. What else...OH GOD, Cuyahoga County in Ohio...ghaaa. Houston TX had a suspicious fire in their election system storage area at a key moment when people wanted to check 'em out. All of Georgia is skullfucked, early adopters of Diebold touchscreen machines backed by "security experts" at a university down there...damn, can't recall which [Kennesaw State University]. But, we got one of 'em [Merle King] on the stand as an expert witness for the opposition in a Pima County election case and he was spotted crying in the hall outside after. So we have some good moments."
  • Superior Court of Fulton County GA, Curling v. Kemp, complaint, 2017
    • "In addition, the documents Lamb discovered included training videos, at least one of which “instructed users to first download files from the elections.kennesaw.edu website, put those files on a memory card, and insert that card into their local county voting systems.” Exhibit A at ¶11. Such a procedure would result in election workers ensuring that whatever code existed on CES’s website ended up on voting machines. This would be a serious security concern if CES’s servers were compromised, as in fact they were."