George H.W. Bush

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  • Zapata Oil (probable CIA cover)
  • Carlyle Group: Senior adviser to Carlyle Asia Advisory Board (1998-2003)

Government positions

  • US Congressman (R-TX-7): 1967-1971
  • CIA: Director (1976-1977)
  • US Vice President: 1981-1989
  • US President: 1989-1993

Political organizations



CIA operations

Economic policy

Foreign policy




Soviet Union

Gulf War



Hidden CIA career

[Recruited into the CIA when he joined the Texas oil business, quite possibly as a cover. There's little doubt that he was a CIA operative all the way back to the 50s or 60s. All that remains is how deeply involved he was. Some authors, like Russ Baker, claim that he played a pivotal role in the JFK assassination and Watergate scandal before becoming CIA director.]


Main article: Iran-Contra

Child molestation

Main article: Franklin child sex ring

Political connections

Corporate connections


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Hidden CIA career

  • JFK assassination allegations
    • CIA agent Trenton Parker told Rodney Stich in 1993 that George Bush was involved in the JFK assassination plot (see also Denver Post, "Horses seized from Weld man who threatened to shoot them", 2009/09/04: "Parker claimed that during his glory days in Denver, he actually was working for the CIA and that his run for the U.S. Senate was orchestrated by the CIA.")
    • JFK Facts, "About that lame Bush conspiracy theory", 2013/03/29
    • JFK Facts, "Exchange on the ‘Bush did it’ theory", 2013/08/09
    • Joan Mellen, "The Kennedy Assassination and the Current Political Moment", 2016/07/13: "Present in Dallas that November morning of the 22nd were not only George H. W. Bush, shortly to depart for Tyler, then return that afternoon to Dallas, but also Richard Nixon. [...] it does seem odd that they were in Dallas along with David Atlee Phillips. [...] A CIA document at the National Archives and posted on the Internet (Record Number 104-10310-10271) reveals that in 1953, when George H.W. Bush founded Zapata Oil, his partner was one Thomas J. Devine—an oil wildcatter and long-time CIA staff employee. Thomas Devine’s name does not appear in the original papers of Zapata, but it does in the company Bush created shortly thereafter as “Zapata Offshore.” This CIA document reveals that Thomas Devine had informed George Bush of a CIA project with the cryptonym, WUBRINY/LPDICTUM. [...] WUBRINY involved Haitian operations, in which, the documents reveal, a participant was George de Mohrenschildt, the Dallas CIA handler of Lee Oswald. [...] Bush and Devine later traveled to Vietnam together, a trip for which the Department of Defense issued Devine an interim “Top Secret” clearance. No surprise there: Devine obviously had never left the Agency. [...] Joseph McBride’s Nation article (“The Man Who Wasn’t There: George Bush, CIA Operative, July 16, 1988), exposed how George H.W. Bush was debriefed by the FBI about the Kennedy assassination on November 23rd . The inadvertently released document refers to “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency.” Bush claimed it was a different George Bush, George William Bush, who worked for the Agency. But it wasn’t so. George William came forward to say he was never debriefed by anyone. [...] What should also give us pause is that these documents about Zapata Offshore, which had offices on several continents but never did much business, were released under the JFK Act as Kennedy assassination documents. So it is the Agency itself, not the dreaded “conspiracy theorists,” that links George H.W. Bush with the Kennedy assassination."

Bush family

  • Nazi Germany business partnerships
  • Covert Action Quarterly, "The Family That Preys Together", summer 1992
  • George W. Bush info
  • Jeb Bush info
    • Medicare fraud with International Medical Centers (IMC)
    • ...
      • Alleged connection to Rick Scott
        • Sunshine State News, "15 of 34 Florida HMOs Report 2014 Losses", 2015/07/06 - comment says "No wonder they are all going broke. Every one of these names are somehow connected to Rick Scott and Jeb Bush except maybe WellCare and that use to belong to Jeb's uncle George Schwartz Soros! "United" Healthcare is like Tenet it's an old Bush family RICO scam dating back for decades. Tenet is the residuals of Columbia which was the assets of International Medical Centers - when Jeb's first Medicare Fraud partner Miguel Recarey, Jr. fled the US Jeb and daddy Bush stored the IMC assets collecting $30 million a month for treating their wounded Contra Rebels with Humana who renamed it Galen in 1987 Jeb and family called Rick Scott and Richard Rainwater old Bush lawyer and investor guru to Miami to take over and rename IMC into Columbia when the got caught in 1997 they flipped it into Tenet - by 2013 Tenet had paid ON BILLION in Fines for stealing hundreds of Billion of Medicare dollars - Jeb who has been collecting over $37 thousand a day from Tenet since May 2007 stepped off the board to run for dictator of the USA 2016!"
        • Judge One For Yourself post on 2016/08/18: "An HHS investigator Weinstein caught them - Jeb Bush blamed Recarey and in July 1987 with the help of Poppy Bush arranged for Recarey to flee the US before the indictment come down with a $2+ million IRS refund arranged by VP Bush. With Recarey and Trafficante, Jr’s out of the way in October 1987 Jeb and brother George Walker Bush brought Rick Scott [Dallas Bush family lawyer and Texas Rangers partner] and Richard Rainwater [Dallas Bush family friend and investor Guru who in 1984 Hired Michael Eisner as Disney CEO for the Bass Brothers – Eisner bought ABC creating the largest media outlet in the world – just another arm of the Bush Gang] to pick up the pieces of IMC which the Bushes had arranged to be placed in receivership with Humana – who repackaged it into Galen Hospitals. This was the origin of Columbia Hospitals. Later they added HCA which was owned by Bush family friends and TN brother Billy and Tommy First. The massive Medicare Frauds surfaced again in 1997 and Rick Scott jumped ship with millions in cash and his Columbia stock – in 1997 he, the Bushes and their investor friends merged Columbia into Tenet Healthcare – in 2007 Jeb became the sole director of Tenet at a $37,500. per day salary! The FBI announced in 2013 that over the years Tenet had paid over One Billion in Fines for Medicare Fraud. Jeb Bush resigned as the sole director of Tenet of Dallas, Texas in December 2014 in preparation of running for president."
        • Sunshine State News, "Post Pulse, Scott Pushes $6 Million Counterterrorism Proposal", 2017/01/04 - comment says "The Bush-Scott gang is still running the Tenet Medicare Fraud scheme today with the computer billings being handled by Jeb’s cousin Jonathan Bush and his Athena Health and direct deposits being made to offshore accounts in Cayman Islands and possibly others. If not for his partners in crime Jeb and his brother George Walker Bush – Scott would have been sentenced to federal prison in 1995 for his massive Medicare Dollars thefts. Instead they groomed him to fall in line as their governor following Charlie Crist who was post turtled into Florida politics by Mel Sembler and his son Brent who was Charlie’s boating partner on Tampa Bay for years. Jeb slide Charlie Crist from Ed Comish into AG to protect Mel Sembler in the days his child abuse cases from Straight, Inc was coming to the surface which of course led to Charlie’s ascension to the governor‘s office which was tainted by the leaks of the Jim Greer FLGOP scandal’s which led to the indictments of Ray Sansome and Jim Greer. [...] And while all this was going on the FDLE Male Head Agent in the Tampa Office was accidently arrested for raping an eight year old boy."
        • Washington Post, "Former Hospital CEO Rick Scott Leads Opposition to Obama on Health Care", 2009/05/11: "Scott, 56, seems unfazed by such criticism, emphasizing that he was never charged with any wrongdoing and that other health-care companies were also fined for overbilling problems. A lawyer with no formal medical training, Scott built Columbia/HCA into the largest U.S. health-care company before he was ousted by the board of directors in 1997. He was also once a partner in the Texas Rangers with George W. Bush. Scott now runs an investment firm and owns, among other things, a chain of walk-in urgent-care clinics in Florida called Solantic."
      • Alleged connection to Jim Towey
        • ...
  • Neil Bush info
  • Foreign corruption involving the Bush family and the "neocon / Cheney network"
    • CBC, "Conspiracy Theories - The Saudi Connection", 2003/10/29
    • Rigorous Intuition thread with various examples of Chinese connections to the neoconservative crowd surrounding 9/11: pages 1, 2
    • Wayne Madsen, "Neil Bush meets Russian-Israeli oligarch in Latvia", 2005/09/22 - mentions Latvia as a major hub of illegal weapons smuggling
    • From the Wilderness, "The Crusaders", 2005/05/03: "The story surrounding the murder of Raymond Lemme is a complicated one, touching upon the software-driven vote fraud in the 2004 election, Chinese influence inside the neocon / Cheney network, Christian Dominionist ambitions, and the pedophilia rings that go back to the Franklin Credit Union coverup during the G.H.W. Bush administration. FTW's purpose in running this material is not to urge our readers to follow out every nuance - other sites are pursuing it including and the Seminole Chronicle. Instead, we want to point out the reach and the currency of our claims regarding the Dominionist and Saudi connections behind Ptech software"

Economic policy

  • Was his criticism of Reagan's "voodoo economics" legitimate, or a front for his actual beliefs?

Child molestation