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Diebold Election Systems

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Foreign corruption


Political connections

  • Walden O'Dell - the former chairman and CEO of Diebold, while being a fundraiser for Bush's 2004 reelection committed "to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President", who resigned in 2005 during an SEC insider trading investigation
  • Bob Ney? - claims he was lobbied on behalf of the company during HAVA negotiations but insists he did nothing
  • David DiStefano - the former chief of staff for Ney who left to become a lobbyist for Diebold, and lobbied his former boss
  • Jeffrey Dean? - his introduction of fractional vote counts into GEMS might have been the reason that Diebold acquired Global Election Systems in 2001
  • Bob Urosevich? - was allowed to interface directly with O'Dell instead of going through the normal chain of command


  1. USA Today, "SEC, DOJ charge Diebold in foreign bribery case", 2013/10/22: "Ohio-based ATM manufacturer Diebold spent roughly $3 million bribing officials at banks in China, Indonesia and Russia with pleasure trips in a bid to win and keep lucrative business deals, federal authorities charged Tuesday. Violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Diebold's agents and subsidiaries between 2005 and 2010 "lavished international leisure trips, entertainment and other improper gifts" on officials in the three nations, alleged a 12-page civil complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission."

External links

  • Walden O'Dell a.k.a. Wally O'Dell background
    • Ohio State News, "New Ohio State University trustee appointed by Taft", 2003/06/02: "Walden W. O’Dell of NORTH CANTON has been appointed by Gov. Bob Taft to The Ohio State University Board of Trustees for a nine-year term ending 2012. He replaces James F. Patterson of Chesterland, whose term expired May 13. O’Dell is chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Diebold, Inc., the leading global provider of integrated financial self-service delivery systems and services. Diebold, with headquarters in Canton, employs more than 13,000 associates with representation in more than 88 countries worldwide. [...] O’Dell is a member of the board of directors of the Columbus Association of Performing Arts and the Canton Cultural Center for the Arts, a member of the board of the United Way of Central Stark County, a member of the Stark County Development Board, a member of the board of trustees of the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges, a member of the Ohio Business Roundtable and is a national trustee for Boys and Girls Clubs of America. An active supporter of The Ohio State University, he is a member of The Ohio State University Advocates and is a lifetime associate alumnus of Ohio State."
    • Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, "Diebold’s Political Machine", 2004/03/05: "[...] the area around Columbus still includes pockets where no Democrat stands a chance. One such Republican pocket is Upper Arlington, the Columbus suburb that is home to Walden “Wally” O’Dell, the chairman of the board and chief executive of Diebold. For years, O’Dell has given generously to Republican candidates. Last September, he held a packed $1,000-per-head GOP fundraiser at his 10,800-square-foot mansion. He has been feted as a guest at President Bush’s Texas ranch, joining a cadre of “Pioneers and Rangers” who have pledged to raise more than $100,000 for the Bush reelection campaign. Most memorably, O’Dell last fall penned a letter pledging his commitment “to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President.”"
  • William R. Timken Jr. a.k.a. W.R. Timken Jr. a.k.a. W. R. Timken Jr. background
    • Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, "Diebold’s Political Machine", 2004/03/05: "And, when it comes to the Diebold board room, O’Dell is hardly alone in his generous support of the GOP. One of the longest-serving Diebold directors is W.R. “Tim” Timken. Like O’Dell, Timken is a Republican loyalist and a major contributor to GOP candidates. Since 1991 the Timken Company and members of the Timken family have contributed more than a million dollars to the Republican Party and to GOP presidential candidates such as George W. Bush."
    • Observer, "Meet Delegate Tim Timken, Election-Reform Case-Study", 2004/09/06: "In July, aggrieved members of the Timken Company steelworkers’ union addressed the Democratic National Convention by satellite feed from Canton to complain about Mr. Timken’s decision to close three Ohio plants over a labor dispute. Mr. Timken, 65, the company’s chairman since he retired as C.E.O. last year, seemed to take little notice, inviting President George W. Bush to speak just days later to a hand-picked group of workers. A graduate of Phillips Academy Andover, Stanford University, and the Harvard Business School, Mr. Timken is a Chevalier in the French Legion of Honor, a trustee of the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and a member of the Ohio Business Roundtable executive committee. He earned his way into the Ohio delegation by personally raising more than $200,000 for the Bush-Cheney ’04 campaign coffers, giving him “Ranger” status on the campaign Web site; the Timken Company employees’ political-action committee has given another $150,000 or so to the Republicans since 2002."
    • Diebold Incorporated, "W.R. Timken Jr. Retires From Diebold Board of Directors", 2005/07/05: "Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) today announced that W.R. "Tim" Timken Jr., non-executive Chairman of the Board for The Timken Company, has retired from Diebold's Board of Directors effective June 30, 2005. Timken has been a member of Diebold's board of directors since 1986. While on the board, Timken held various committee responsibilities, most recently serving as member of the compensation committee and chair of the board governance committee. The Timken Company is based in Canton, Ohio and manufactures highly engineered bearings and alloy steel, and provides related products and services."
    • TODO: is he at all related to Kevin Andrew Timken of Englewood CO, the registered agent for a possible Dominion Voting front?
  • National Federation of the Blind (NFB) involvement
    • Braille Monitor Vol. 44 No. 8, "The 2001 Convention Roundup" by Barbara Pierce, 2001/08-09: "Kris Cox, Assistant Director for Governmental Affairs, introduced a panel of speakers discussing our efforts to insure that new voting-machine technology can be used independently by people who cannot read print. Mrs. Cox pointed out that no existing federal legislation guarantees access to voting machines. She is fairly optimistic that any laws passed by Congress will give us protection, but she urged everyone to work energetically with state governments as well to be certain that individual legislatures do not pass laws that will lock us out.

      The other members of the panel were Deborah Phillips, President of the Voting Integrity Project, and Thad Hall, Director of Programs for the Century Foundation and a member of the staff of the National Commission on Federal Election Reform. Ms. Phillips warned that reforms have a way of bringing unexpected consequences. The real protection for us as we work to be included in voting reform is to keep election officials and state and federal legislators mindful of what we want as the process unfolds.

      Mr. Hall is currently working with the Commission chaired by Presidents Ford and Carter to recommend federal election reform. The technology is available to make voting machines accessible to blind and other disabled people as well as those with language barriers. He commented that the NFB has been a forceful voice in testifying before the Commission; in fact, the consensus on the Commission was that Jim Gashel had been the single most effective voice during the hearings that have been held. He is hopeful that federal legislation will protect blind voters, but reform will not come overnight; it will take time, and we must remain vigilant."
    • Note that Kristen Cox was later chosen as the running mate by Maryland governor, Diebold voting system pusher, and Jack Abramoff associate Bob Ehrlich in his 2006 reelection effort
    • Black Box Voting, "Diebold and the National Federation for the Blind", 2004/06/16
    • WIRED, "Diebold and the Disabled", 2004/10/12
    • Black Box Voting, "Source material on the National Federation of the Blind Diebold connection", 2006/08/30 - reprints the 2004 BBV article
  • Comment sent to Will Pitt from a former bank employee who worked with Diebold: "I actually worked with Diebold when I worked for a bank many moons ago. They supported our ATM systems. Now, you would think that when it came to people's money, there would be lots of controls -- think again. Practically every bit of data security was on the bank's side -- we had to program withdrawal limits (people would put empty envelopes in the machine to get money from their "checks") -- we had to write encryption programs to secure (as much as we could at that time) the data so easily grabbed off a modem line. So, this is not a surprise to me."
  • Black Box Voting forum post discussing inside sources at Diebold and what various parties knew about fraud mechanisms
    • "Diebold had a fiduciary duty to know

      Diebold acquired Global Election Systems in January 2002, but acquisition talks and due diligence was under way as early as June 2001. The memos from Ken Clark and Nel Finberg were in Oct. 2001. Since there is a clear paper trail inside the company about this problem, the Diebold acquisition team absolutely should have known all about this BEFORE they even bought the company.

      When an acquisition is done by a public company, an investment banking firm is brought in to do a very thorough examination of the software before the purchase can go through. Usually, company employees are urged to watch what they write in memos, because these can be opened up to the due diligence team. Yet, the employees wrote candidly of the problems. Diebold either did not do its due diligence properly, or wanted to keep the flaws in place."
    • "The informal poop from our own unnamed inside sources -- but not ready for prime time


      One of the problems is with its self-insured health coverage, where employees who get expensive diagnoses reportedly find themselves pink-slipped.

      They really hate Wally O'Dell in that company, and it isn't because of his pro-Bush tendencies. The guy reportedly shows up in the office only sporadically -- sometimes only once a month or so -- and he is said to spit out verbal abuse when he shows up.

      Lots of problems with racial harassment in the elections division, and this, compared with a close look at personnel, and who gets fired first, I am convinced is accurate. They like greasing their contracts with MBE (Minority Business Enterprises) but don't seem to like having minorities on staff, and certainly not in management. An exception is their PR department, where they were trotting out a man of color to the public.

      We receive consistent reports of significant problems with both sexual harassment and discrimination towards women in all segments of the company. It's a boys club.

      Execs rake in the perks while employees are told to work longer hours and, in some divisions, are provided with fundie religious managers (of the Mormon faith) who swear like sailors and reportedly whisper about what's going on with the bookkeeping.

      We have confirmed reports of high stakes gambling in the elections division, along with weird accounting secrets, like too much (unaccounted for) money here and a sucking drain there, and concerning secrets about who's really on payroll, kept from people who need to know.


      Thus, the comments above on DUE DILIGENCE (see my first post in this thread) may come into play in a big way. What did Diebold know about the software running the voting systems it bought, and when did it know it?"
    • "We're not talking about the Bush administration

      We're talking about asking the real questions: Who organized the secretaries of state, the state elections directors, the clerks, auditors and registrars, who crafted the message, who chose the ITAs. (And I thank Pat Vesely and Linda Franz for providing clarity on these issues).

      This is about which public officials, ITAs, and vendors knew what and when. What we already have proof of is this: These systems were designed in such a way as to be "open for business" going back well before Clint Curtis ever had a meeting.

      These fraud-invitation designs were certainly in place during the mid-90s, probably back to the 1980s. Who authorized them? Who initiated their design? Who slipped them through cert, knowing they violated FEC standards? Who greased the skids for procurement? What due diligence did ES&S do on BRC? What due diligence did Diebold do on Global Elections Systems? Did they know these machines were built to be "open for business"?"
  • Black Box Voting forum discussion about why Diebold continued to hang on to Global/DESI
    • "Certainly, Diebold Inc. might want to unload DESI, but the fallout for that can be managed (and similar fallouts have often been managed by other companies). Certainly the elections officials would need compensation or replacement of their shoddy equipment. A clean-up or a sell-off to "new management" are probably do-able.

      However, continued cover-ups will be fatal.

      What worries me (a little) is if we are not looking at a business deal, but a political power play of a particularly nasty variety. If the efforts to cover up have to do with unelected officials who want to hang on to power at any cost, the business model I just described above does not work.

      When you have a car with an exploding gas tank, you do a product recall. But if you have people hanging around who took massive payoffs to persuade people to get that car, and those people will go to jail if it all unravels, it provides a much bigger incentive for resistance to correcting the problem.

      And if the incentive is raw power through manipulated elections, you've got a very nasty infection indeed. Still, we Americans are strong, and we should clean the wound, amputate it, whatever we have to do."
    • "4) Director and key programmer for Global, Jeffrey Dean -- formal employment terminated by Diebold upon its acquisition of Global -- but they did keep him on as a paid consultant, a problem. Also, we have SEVERAL reports from insiders at Diebold indicating that Jeffrey Dean is still involved. We have not been able to confirm that."
    • "5) John Elder -- unlike the other four, his infractions did not have to do with financial fraud (the others were involved with stock market manipulation, bilking investors, and embezzlement). His conviction was for cocaine dealing. He was retained by Diebold until summer 2004. We have interviewed many people in all of the Diebold locations, and Elder was generally well liked. He was replaced by David Ashworth, a long-time ballot printing guy from Alabama, if my memory serves me correctly."
    • "The parent company is definitely NOT as pure as the driven snow. There are other indications that make me wonder about the parent company. For example, we get many tips from people who work/have worked in the ATM division. Apparently, Diebold self-insures on employee health insurance. Many sources have come forward indicating that when they, or a family member, got a diagnosis that would indicate expensive treatment, Diebold Inc. concocted reasons to terminate their employment.

      Also, again, what the hell happened with "due diligence"? -- Diebold Inc. could have found out about the felons simply by looking in Lexis-Nexis. How in the world could their acquisition team have missed the staggering design flaws in the product line they were buying?"
    • "Also, it is my understanding that Diebold Inc. has sometimes selected less than brilliant managers (i.e. people already having problems in ATM division) to oversee certain key DESI functions."
    • "About a year ago, president Bob Urosevich was terminated, but that was kept secret. Also about a year ago, John Elder was terminated. As I understand it, they put Tom Swidarski into the role Bob had, and David Ashworth into the role John Elder had."
    • "I think the housecleaning, if it occurs, should focus very heavily on Wally O'Dell -- from what I have learned, Bob Urosevich was allowed to bypass normal chain of command and interfaced only with Wally. The guy who usually did troubleshooting and subsidiary oversight, Wes Vance, died in a small plane crash about six weeks after I found the 40,000 Diebold files and the rob-georgia patch."
  • Wes Vance plane crash
    • Greensboro News & Record, "PLANE CRASH KILLS DENTIST\ ORTHODONTIST GARY S. JACOBS WAS AN AVID AVIATOR WHO HAD BEEN FLYING SINCE HE WAS 16", 2003/04/27: "Longtime Greensboro orthodontist Dr. Gary S. Jacobs died Saturday afternoon when the six-passenger airplane he was in crashed shortly after takeoff from the Jackson County Airport in rural south central Ohio. Another man, the only other person on board, also died in the 4:15 p.m. crash, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Officials declined to identify either crash victim, but Jacobs' family confirmed he died in the crash. The highway patrol, which did the initial investigation, said the Beechcraft A36 crashed in a wooded area about a mile north of the airport. Jacobs, 49, was an avid aviator and had been flying since he was 16 years old, according to family spokesman Mary Jane Beavers. Beavers, who is a longtime family friend, said Jacobs was in Jackson, Ohio, offering piloting instruction for the other man in the airplane. [...] Beaver said Jacobs frequently helped train other pilots as part of the Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program. She said she did not know whether Jacobs was piloting the airplane when it crashed. The plane, she said, was owned by the other man. [...] Jacobs was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up in Atlanta. He graduated with honors from Duke University, earned his dental degree from the UNC School of Dentistry and completed his orthodontic residency at the University of Louisville. From 1978-82 he was in the Navy Dental Corps stationed in Jacksonville, Fla. In 1984, he set up practice in Greensboro, his wife Karen's hometown. Jacobs had been on the faculty at Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. In Greensboro, he was active in professional, civic and humanitarian circles. Jacobs was a past president of the Guilford County Dental Society. He was a Boy Scout leader, member of the Rotary Club of Guilford, a First Presbyterian Church Sunday school teacher and treasurer of the Page High School Athletic Booster Club. Jacobs also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Greensboro and Greensboro Urban Ministry. When a tornado tore through Stoneville several years ago, Jacobs collected chain saws and other tools - some of which he bought - and donated them. He had traveled to Russia, Honduras and Ecuador with Operation Smile International and donated his dental services to the poor, and was a volunteer pilot for AirLifeLine, which flies people for medical treatment."
    • Chillicothe Gazette, "Jackson plane crash kills Diebold exec", 2003/04/29: "The pilot killed in a plane crash in southern Ohio was a top executive with automated teller maker Diebold Inc., the company said Monday. Wesley Vance, 45, had been Diebold's chief operating officer for about two years. He joined the company in 2000 as president of the North America business unit. Vance's passenger, Gary Jacobs, 49, of Greensboro, N.C., also died when the single-engine plane went down Saturday about a mile from the Jackson County Airport. The State Highway Patrol said Vance was practicing takeoffs and landings during a recertification test when the six-seat Beechcraft A-36 crashed in woods. Walden O'Dell, Diebold's chairman, president and chief executive officer, will take over day-to-day operations until a successor is named."
  • BradBlog articles on Diebold
  • DU user autorank claims that someone (Bob Ney?) called Wally O'Dell "handy"
  • Fortune, "Rage against the machine" by Barney Gimbel, 2006/11/03
  • Alleged election fraud criminal conspiracy based in Ohio
    • Eric Jonathan Brewer, "46 out of 88 Ohio counties use “Russian compromised” Diebold voting machines", 2019/04/03
      • "Dettelbach knew the Cleveland-based law firm of Jones Day represented Diebold and the Russian Federation through its Gazprom Export LLC. The Canton-to-Moscow corporation was charged with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act but not the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The northern Ohio U.S. Attorney knew O’Dell was doing business directly with the Russian Federation while promoting Russian interests to help Diebold in the USA."
      • "Dettelbach knew Diebold was comfortably embedded in Moscow. Its Moscow office is located at 12 Bldg 1 Str Dvintsev Moscow Russia 127018. The building’s image and a walking map is shared so readers can see how little distance exists between Diebold’s offices and the Lubyanka Building that once housed the KGB. The former KGB building now houses the Federal Security Service or FSB directorate office, a prison and Russia’s border patrol. The FSB replaced the KGB in 1991.

        Diebold, Jones Day and the Russian Federation also share a Moscow office building with Halliburton, former Vice President Dick Cheyney’s old company."
      • "The SEC investigation Dettelbach led does not appear to consider that if O’Dell was bribing Russian government officials and lying to the U.S. government he might also give Putin’s “U.S. elections rigging” agents access to electronic voting equipment blueprints."
      • "Attorney Robert Mueller is trying to sort out how far Russian agents have infiltrated U.S. elections and the presidency. But his investigation won’t be helped in Northeast Ohio by a federal prosecutor, Justin Herdman, who Trump appointed as a former Jones Day partner to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

        Herdman’s former law firm represents Trump, the Kremlin and Putin’s oil firms as well as Diebold and Timken. All are or have been unregistered foreign agents of the Russian government’s interests. All are donating big money to American political campaigns that comes in part from their contracts and earnings with the Russian government."
      • "The Ohio GOP’s chairwoman, Jane Timken, is married to the Timken CEO who also does business out of Moscow. Timken and Diebold share a board member."
    • Eric Jonathan Brewer, "Infiltrated Russians and Communist agents are embedded in Ohio’s election machinery", 2020/09/29
      • "So here I was sitting in a car with a Russian who’d created a company that would make “voting in America” easier while he, of course, made a profit. What I saw was an “infiltration” in my discussion with Urosevich; but I didn’t know how. I declined. I also saw an “eventual” FBI investigation. By the time agents visited my friend years later he wasn’t in the physical or mental condition to discuss anything with them.

        The “team” I have knowledge of included former Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General Anthony Celebreeze, Jr., former Governor John Sununu, Call & Post editor John Lenear and others. Arnold Pinkney was on another team with a different vendor as a lobbyist; as he sought to get the “project managers” contract with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Robert Bennett led. They’re all dead. So is my friend. The Plain Dealer published a picture of me and Robert C. Townsend, II sitting behind Tony and then Cleveland Mayor Michael White when he campaigned against George Voinovich for governor. I was on Anthony’s local campaign team.

        I know Sununu pitched South Carolina. I know who sold Chicago and Ohio. I know from later conversations that Walden O’Dell was taking trips to Moscow on a regular basis during all this; and that no one connected the potential espionage dots as he led the company to consume 70 percent of the electronic voting equipment market. In real time it was not possible."
  • Procomp subsidiary - produces the electronic voting machines used in Brazil
  • Akamai Tree, "Deep State misappropriation and the cryptocratic clique behind Trump™", 2017/03/20 (original link, now 404s) - compares Diebold to Ptech: "Today, it is by far the largest ATM manufacturer and among the largest financial/commercial and transaction processing software and systems analysis companies in the world (although it’s not widely advertised, a large part of what Diebold does is very similar to what P-Tech of 9/11 fame did)"